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Issuance of Local Shipping Permit

Issuance of Export Commodity Clearance

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Issuance of SPS Import Certificate/Veterinary Quarantine Clearance

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Issuance of International Veterinary Certificate

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Accreditation of Foreign Live Animal Establishments

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Inspection of Veterinary Quarantine Site (pre-border)

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Issuance of Permit for Local Shipment of Animals

Clients: Pet Owners, Breeders and Animal Handlers   
Requirements: Request letter   
Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday to Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm   
Fees: Free   
Total/Maximum Duration of Process: 20 mins   
How to Avail of the Service: Go to the  NVQS
 1      Filling up of application form Review of application form      Mr. Menard Lagmay, Ms. Rica Evasco, Ms. Katrina Dizon      NVQS (within BAI Compound)      2 mins     
 Accomplishment  of application form and requirements
 For dogs and cats – Presentation of rabies vaccination card
 For horses- Negative result for Coggin’s Test 
 For gamefowls- Presentation of birds for disinfection
 Pigeons and poultry- should come from BAI accredited farms and associations 
   Checking of supporting documents Mr. Menard, Ms. Evasco, Ms. Dizon -do- 5 mins
   Inputting of Details on the Permit Mr. Menard, Ms. Evasco, Ms. Dizon -do- 5 mins
   Printing of Permit Mr. Menard, Ms. Evasco, Ms. Dizon-do- 2 mins
   Approval of permit Officer of the day-do- 3 mins
 2 Securing the Veterinary Health Certificate/ Export Permit Releasing of permit Mr. Menard, Ms. Evasco, Ms. Dizon -do- 3  mins

* Depends on the availability of the persons responsible

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